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Intermediate Fossils

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds WorkBee
    fusion 360
    OpenBuilds BlackBox
    Machine Time:
    3 hours ish
    solid oak
    i cant take full credit for this .

    i carved the 4 ammonites for a local kitchen installer who then filled the pockets with epoxy, and some shells, and created a breakfast bar for a kitchen.
    great final finish. IMG-20211126-WA0004.jpg IMG-20211126-WA0011.jpg
    IMG-20211126-WA0004.jpg IMG-20211126-WA0011.jpg

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  1. Søren Weitling
    This is looking amazing Great work!
  2. CNC_whittler
    That's really nice man!
  3. Mark Carew
    Beautiful work!
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