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Beginner F1 Tracks

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds LEAD Machine
    OpenBuilds BlackBox
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/4" SharkBit UpCut DC
    1/2" MDF
    I've been a fan of F1 since Suzuka 2005. Think 1AM Sunday in a bar, how bored i was that i started looking at this race. I was hooked.

    Since then i must have missed maybe 5 races at most.

    I'm starting this wall of famous F1 tracks. The first one is Spa-Francpchamps in Belgium. My favorite! The speed, the changes in elevation, ...

    This type of project is very easy to make and i exhort anyone to join in on making these if you are a fan., If you not a fan, go watch Drive to Survive, you need it!

    Step 1: Get the track image from the F1 site and bring it over to your CAD software. Vectorize the image and clean it so you just keep the track lines.



    Step 2: Create the inside and outside operations. Depending on how you are holding the stock add tabs. Export the toolpath.




    Step 3: Start the job by going to OpenBuidls Control, loading the file, and starting the cut.

    Step 4: I coated the top surface with Poly to give it that change in tone.
    F1 Track 3.jpeg

    Step 5: Hang it on the wall with double-sided tape.

    F1 Track 1.jpg

    Note: The F1 logo was done in the same manner
    F1 Track 1.jpg SCR-20230507-jc0-2.png SCR-20230507-jd3-2.png SCR-20230507-je5-2.png SCR-20230507-jfo-2.png SCR-20230507-jgv-2.png SCR-20230507-jgb-2.png SCR-20230507-jhn-2.png IMG_1755.jpg SCR-20230507-jqa-2.png F1 Track 3.jpeg

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  1. Zirt57
    Very cool. I've been an F1 fan since childhood. My dad was an F1 fan and I inherited the bug. First race I went to was around 1983 in Montreal. I was the mechanic for one of the support race teams. Anyway, very cool project. I'll have to look at doing the Gilles Villeneuve track in Montreal. An easy one as there is literally no elevation changes.
    1. Ariel Yahni
      Would love to see that one made. I love the Montreal track, is fast, short, and sweet. F1 is indeed a fever that never goes out
      Ariel Yahni, Jun 21, 2023
      Zirt57 likes this.
  2. Peter Henderson
    Hi Ariel, I am an old dog trying to learn a new trick with all things cnc. I am still researching everything prior to obtaining a machine of some sort. With the combination of your diagrams, photographs and explanations I found your process easy to understand and follow. I like your concept of F1 tracks, how hard would it be to include other detail like pit lane and perhaps a third dimension for hills and track camber?
    A very helpful post. Thank you.
    1. Ariel Yahni
      Hi Peter, glad this project has helped you get the idea of CNC machining.

      To answer your questions:

      2D: You would take the track layout and just "draw" the pit lane and any other feature you want to it. Its important to consider the size of the final piece as you will need the necessary clearance for the bit diameter.
      Ariel Yahni, Jun 5, 2023
    2. Ariel Yahni
      2.5D: The little track you see in the image has the track elevation. This was done using a 3d model available online. For this the thickness of the material and the bit used has a bigger impact on the final size, some tracks have very tight hairpins which make it very difficult to make in a small scale. Creating the model for track with elevation is much more complicated without a lot of experience on a 3d modeling software.
      Ariel Yahni, Jun 5, 2023
    3. Ariel Yahni
      The good thing is that thanks to F1, you will find elevation data on their site.

      Hope it makes sense and eager to see what you make
      Ariel Yahni, Jun 5, 2023
  3. Mark Carew
    NICE one Ariel! Looks so clean and modern on the wall, no frame needed for this artwork.
    This would be fantastic decor in any man/woman cave!
    Thanks for sharing.
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