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Advanced Engraved Segmented Bodark Bowl

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds LEAD Machine
    VCarve Desktop
    OpenBuilds BlackBox
    20210924_090148.jpg 20210924_090153.jpg 20210924_090159.jpg 20210924_090204.jpg
    20210924_090148.jpg 20210924_090153.jpg 20210924_090159.jpg 20210924_090204.jpg

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  1. marlin adams
    Don't forget that it will get darker with age, a nice orange brown if I am not mistaken
  2. marlin adams
    Talking about using wood that will make a project last forever. Good looking too. Just wondering how many bits did you dull :)
    1. RoosterTX
      Man you're not kidding. I was trying to rip down some long strips for the segments, loaded my table saw with a brand new ripping blade and it still struggled. The idea for using this wood is that I cut it from trees here on the property, and the couple was married here so it has some additional sentimental value maybe. :)
      RoosterTX, Sep 27, 2021
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