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Beginner Elephant Love

  • Machine Type:
    CNC Router
    UCCNC & vCarve
    Machine Time:
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8” & 90*-V
    Padauk, Yellow Carinerry, Oak
    With only a few days left before Mother’s Day, I turned to the CNC to craft this simple, yet elegant gift.

    My wife was expecting our 1st child and I gave her an elephant necklace a few months earlier. There’s not much of a finish, best to let the woods natural beauty shine.

    It’s a simple project, profile cuts & v-engrave. DM me if you want the files.

    A7DFDCE0-CD0C-4196-A2C0-959F478BFBAF.jpeg E5A9AFA0-D91D-41BE-9F5C-31A2BA32AB80.jpeg EBD3D0B7-69D6-4E9D-85C6-FF6CFB4F0F8F.jpeg 70D26852-2697-4D94-91D3-E79075CC5F7F.jpeg

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User Comments

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  1. Tracy Ranson
    It would be nice if the files were simply added... thanks
    1. eetwidget
      I can do that, I will need to redraw them though I don't know what happened to the original.
      eetwidget, Feb 1, 2018
  2. MaryD
    Love this design. Please upload the files!