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Beginner Dw611 Small Dust Boot

  • Software:
    SketchUCAM, GRBL-Panel
    Machine Time:
    all in, about 1 hr
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8" endmill, 1/2" 90 deg Vbit
    Feeds & Speeds:
    1000 mm/Min, 30000RPM (no real thought here, still experimenting)
    multipass at 1.6mm per pass. (probably can increase this)
    wood: 1/2" Baltic Birch, 1/4" Baltic Birch
    HW: Rockler 1/4" Cam Lever, 2.5" dust port, screws & washers
    Other: dust bristle strip, glue
    I think a dust boot is a good rite-of-passage for beginning CNC people. This is my second dust boot for the DW611. First one was similar to the others that clamp onto the router barrel (including the one sold in the OB Store). This was disappointing in multiple ways but the two biggest issues: it puts the vacuum hose quite a way from the router bit and it is big so it will hang over the the front of the spoil board and not (or poorly) collect dust in that situation. So, my requirements when I sat down to design this:
    • Small footprint
    • Vacuum hose opening close to the bit
    • Vacuum hose entering at 45 degrees to minimize hose stress
    • Fast on/off for tool changes
    In the last photo you can see the results of the first test. The work area was completely dust free with a tiny bit on the workpiece. Very happy with the results. My biggest concern, that the 1/4" BB wouldn't be strong enough, turned out to be groundless. Some small tweaks if I build another:
    • increase the length of the cam hole bracket by 5mm to allow better clearance of the spindle mount
    • pocket the base 1/2" piece for the vertical triangles to allow positive alignment when gluing.
    • bevel the inside of the dust port hole on the port mounting plate (reduce air resistance)
    • increase the multipass cut size to decrease machine time.

    I have plans to make this out of polycarbonate for better bit visibility though I'm not sure it will be all that good given the skirt. Just have to try it.

    Photos, in order:
    1. 3D view
    2. 12mm BB Parts - smaller one holds the skirt in place
    3. 6mm BB Parts - Risers, spindle collar and dust port mount
    4. Front Right view showing hose attachment
    5. Front Left view showing cam clamp
    6. Front View showing completed test run. Nothing was done other than move the Y forward to show the results.
    dust shoe v3.png dust shoe v3-1.png dust shoe v3-2.png IMG_20190823_201432.jpg IMG_20190823_201456.jpg IMG_20190823_203722.jpg
    dust shoe v3.png dust shoe v3-1.png dust shoe v3-2.png IMG_20190823_201432.jpg IMG_20190823_201456.jpg IMG_20190823_203722.jpg

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  1. phil from seattle
    I could make it available - it's in sketchup and uses sketchucam to generate the G-Codes. Let me know if you want. I have since redone it in Polycarbonate. IMG_20200214_154926-cropped.jpg
  2. Pat Deyo
    Is this project available for download?
  3. Mark Carew
    Thank you for sharing this Phil, it's going to look great in acrylic
      ivanj727 and Paul Stoller like this.
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