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Dragon And Phoenix

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    OpenBuilds WorkBee
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    Over 10 hrs.
    Walnut and Padauk
    Here is the final project. I designed a custom stand for it out of walnut to look like an asian fan.
    I used OSMO oil on it. Best product I have used to date and won’t be using anything else in the future.
    This took me about 3 months to complete with all the planing and such to get it to exactly where I wanted it.
    Thank you for all the feedback.
    E2590339-05FA-4A2F-920A-887FBC8B4C52.jpeg 84D2FF8B-8A14-4E65-8281-6B21902B079C.jpeg 6C0F0E4D-7C2A-4526-84F0-3BFAE81DAF06.jpeg

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  1. Nallycat
    WOW! Beautiful Work,
  2. Tom Mack
    Can I buy your g-code of the project?
  3. Randy
    Oil is exactly what I used. It is a product called Osmos. Man it is slick. I will never use another product.
      Mark Carew likes this.
  4. Mark Carew
    Sooo nice! It almost doesn't even need a finish but if it were me I would do the simple oil rub. Thanks for sharing @Randy
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