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Beginner @ Door Stop

  • Software:
    Illustrator / LaserWeb4
    Machine Time:
    7 min
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8" - 3.175mm end mill
    Feeds & Speeds:
    50 mm/s
    3/4" pine

    I have one of those doors that will just wont stay open thus this week project.

    The same procedure can be used with any other shape or vector, just note that if you are making one
    consider the gap bellow the door and adjust it accordingly.

    Hope you like it :)


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  1. Mark Carew
    So cool man! Thank you
      Ariel Yahni likes this.
  2. MaryD
    Creatively resolving an issue - love it.
      Ariel Yahni likes this.
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