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Beginner Decorative Gift

  • Software:
    Aspire/ OpenBuilds Control
    Machine Time:
    4 Hours
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1st Roughing Tool Path: .25" End Mill, 2nd Finishing Tool Path: .125" Ball Nose, 3rd V Carving: .125" V Bit, and Profile Tool Path: .25" End Mill
    Feeds & Speeds:
    https://openbuilds.com/projectresources/materials-speeds-and-feeds-chart.303/ This chart works great!
    Red Oak

    This project was for my wife that is pregnant with our first child. I wanted to make her something special for Mothers Day, so I utilized some 3D clipart and created this plaque for her.

    This was the first stages of the project (roughing tool path) the LEAD CNC is a beast! This is red oak and I was able to mill through this material with ease!

    The start of the finishing tool path which took approximately 2 hours to complete.

    20190511_171359.jpg Progress!

    20190511_205933.jpg V-Carving complete

    20190511_211515.jpg Before the sanding and staining process.

    20190512_183023.jpg I absolutely love this material, it stained beautifully.

    20190511_171354.jpg 20190511_155950.jpg 20190511_155953.jpg 20190511_211552.jpg 20190512_183007.jpg 20190511_205935.jpg
    My wife absolutely loved the gift!
    I uploaded the G-Code for this project, so all you have to do is upload the files and start cutting!
    Hope you guys enjoy.​
    20190512_183654.jpg 20190511_205933.jpg 20190511_171359.jpg 20190511_155953.jpg 20190511_155950.jpg 20190510_221912.jpg 20190511_211515.jpg 20190512_183023.jpg 20190511_171354.jpg 20190511_173322.jpg 20190511_205935.jpg 20190511_211552.jpg 20190511_211617.jpg 20190512_183007.jpg 20190512_183010.jpg 20190512_183023.jpg 20190530_161846.jpg

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  1. David Jastram
    Thanks for sharing. Mine turned out great!


    1. mother.jpg
      canonman, MaryD and Matthew Bates like this.
    1. Matthew Bates
      You're most welcome! Great work, it looks fantastic!
      Matthew Bates, Jan 9, 2020
  2. Theresa Rathell
    That was really sweet, something your wife and child will always treasure
      Matthew Bates likes this.
    1. Matthew Bates
      Thank you Theresa. :)
      Matthew Bates, Aug 7, 2019
  3. Jack D
    Nice work.
      blindflight and Matthew Bates like this.
    1. Matthew Bates
      Thanks Jack!
      Matthew Bates, Jun 3, 2019
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