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Beginner Dead Star - Under Construction

  • Machine Type:
    CNC Router
    Illustrator / LaserWeb4
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8" / 3.175mm mill end downcut
    Feeds & Speeds:
    Acrylic painted 1/2" MDF

    This project is actually the result of a " technique " im trying to learn called Dirty Pour. Dont let the name fool you, is not that easy to pour various colors of acrylic paint and get something looking good without mixing the colors and getting just mud.

    Anyway, most people doing this will just pour something on top to fix it.... im just not your average Joe :)

    DSC00165 copy.png

    So the process is very simple here:
    - Designed the shape in illustrator. Not my original idea but got to make it my own
    - Loaded the file in LaserWeb4 and created a couple of operations. Source files included bellow
    - Got your piece clamped to the bed. I used my recently published P clamps
    - Pressed play and stood there hypnotized as it was being cut.

    Yes I had to use that name, you know my friend George would not approve otherwise :)

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  1. Ariel Yahni
    Stay tuned guys, next project like this will the complete process
      Mark Carew likes this.
  2. Mark Carew
    Sweeeeet! really cool looking project and great video!
    btw what is Dirty Pour?
  3. MaryD
    Your use of the "Dirty Pour" dye method ratchets the look of this project up 200%. Would love to learn more about that process. I always make "mud" when mixing colors.