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Beginner Custom Michigan Cutouts

  • Software:
    vcarve/open builds control
    Machine Time:
    Bit or Laser Size:
    Feeds & Speeds:
    100ipm and 1 on dewalt
    For those projects I got my lead 1010 up and running! Those are easy projects to make and sell! Many logos and state outlines can be made on the lead 1010 and to the same size every time.

    First cuts were in mdf to test and then into some pine! Time for milling was round a few mins and the sets of shapes could be around 20-30 mins. Depending on the materials it will vary but the lead 1010 cnc cruises thru like no other.
    44519454_1728387813939534_8836732685662552064_oxx.jpg 54518051_1935933396518307_5438605284631117824_o.jpg 55726217_1942984659146514_4544620026790936576_o.jpg 55826857_1951176868327293_8968625895757578240_o.jpg 56412471_1951177094993937_6016502548876230656_o.jpg 56542047_1961529520625361_3194238796614860800_o.jpg 56567363_1956692277775752_4576114571000938496_o.jpg

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User Comments

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  1. jjjump
  2. blindflight
    Very KOOL !!
    1. Joshua Enos
      Joshua Enos, Apr 14, 2019
  3. MFCarew
    Great idea for a "Garage Business" Joshua, thank you for sharing.
      Joshua Enos likes this.
    1. Joshua Enos
      Yup your welcome! I moved my shop to a larger building now with cnc milling and so glad i found the lead 1010 and other custom parts from openbuilds that ill be making a custom cnc plasma table soon
      Joshua Enos, Apr 12, 2019
      MFCarew likes this.
  4. MaryD
    Michigan pride!
      Joshua Enos likes this.
    1. Joshua Enos
      Joshua Enos, Apr 10, 2019
    2. Joshua Enos
      I'm in the thumb area by bay city.
      Joshua Enos, Apr 10, 2019
      MaryD likes this.
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