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Beginner Concrete Camera Stand

  • Software:
    Bit or Laser Size:
    4.76mm router bit
    +-500mm of 38x38 pine (or any offcut suitable for the upright)
    19mm Shutterply (cnc'ed to bracket parts)
    1 x M8 bolt and nut
    Concrete Mix
    Bucket to use as mold
    Bucket to mix concrete
    Quality Disclaimer: I know this lacks some pics, a video and more instructions, but this is a really quick build, that happened unplanned - sorry! Shout in the comments though, if enough people ask I'll make a second one and take step by step pics!

    1) Cut a suitable piece of offcut wood to serve as the upright

    2) Mix some concrete

    3) Prop the upright as vertically plumb as possible in the center of another bucket

    4) Pour approximately 100mm deep concrete around the upright and leave to dry

    5) Remove the base from the mold

    5.1) Optional - Get distracted and leave it sitting on a messy table for a week till you get back to it - ie excuse the pic (; lol)


    6) Mill out the bracket parts (LW4 JSON Exports attached)

    CNC Operations: Download the attached ZIP files, and open each JSON in turn under github.com/LaserWeb/LaserWeb4-Binaries -> Files -> Workspace -> Load then generate gcode


    7) Sand all the parts to remove splinters and burrs

    8) Assemble the mortice and tennon joint with glue, leave to dry

    9) Drill a 10mm hole in the top of the Upright

    10) Assemble!


    11) Mount camera with a 1/4-20 thumbnut

    download_20170516_174527.jpeg download_20170516_174530.jpeg download_20170516_174532.jpeg IMG_20170516_092904.jpg IMG_20170516_092908_1.jpg

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  1. Giarc
    Cool, but that must get heavy backpacking around. :)
    1. Peter Van Der Walt
      Its more of a studio tool (;
      Peter Van Der Walt, Dec 30, 2017
  2. Mark Carew
  3. Peter Van Der Walt
      MaryD likes this.
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