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Beginner Coat Rack

  • Machine Type:
    OpenBuilds WorkBee
    Vectric V-carve desktop
    Other Controller
    Machine Time:
    2 hours
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8" ballnose, 1/8" flat endmill
    I said I would make a coat rack 5 years ago when we bought this house. As I explained to my wife, if I'd done it then it would have been a lot plainer. A couple of pieces of Vectric clipart, a couple of hours on the workbee. Stained black to match an existing piece of furniture. Awaiting a couple of coats of varnish and some black coat hooks. I only have V-carve desktop and my machine limit in Y is 760 mm so this 1 metre long job had to be tiled - an easy job with Vectric's tiling toolpath. Coat rack 2.JPG Coat rack 1.JPG Coat rack 3.JPG Coat rack 4.JPG
    Coat rack 1.JPG Coat rack 2.JPG Coat rack 3.JPG Coat rack 4.JPG

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User Comments

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  1. Beki
    Nice Project Alex!
      Alex Chambers likes this.
  2. Alex Chambers
    Finished! - I wanted to use brass screws to fix it to the wall, but the ones I had were a bit short. Didn't want to buy a box of 100 just to get 2, so I'll dab a bit of black paint on the steel screw heads.

  3. Alex Chambers
    I haven't posted the Vcarve files because this really is a job anyone should be able to do in Vectric - choose your own clipart for example. If anyone wants further details of how to do any aspect of this please ask
    1. Steve Wedige
      I'd love your Vcarve file info, i'm having issues opening my Vectric file to the Openbuilds Controller
      Steve Wedige, Aug 13, 2020
  4. Mark Carew
    Nice! and great idea on using a fence on the tiling toolpath. Thanks for sharing Alex :thumbsup:
  5. Alex Chambers
    Tip for the tiling toolpath - I used "feed through in Y" - I put a fence on the Y axis and then used the router to take a skim off the face. That ensures that the fence is exactly parallel to the Y axis.
      Mark Carew likes this.
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