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Beginner Cnc Easter Bunny Basket

  • Software:
    Sketchup, Laserweb4
    Machine Time:
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8" - 3.175mm
    Feeds & Speeds:
    A router bit is round shaped, that means exact 90 degree angle cut are not possible so when joining 2 pieces perpendicularly you will have a small gap between them ( depending on the bit diameter ).

    Heres an image of what a bit going through a corner looks like
    Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 1.25.45 PM.png

    That corner will prevent a piece to fit into the space.

    Thats where "Dog Bones" come into play.

    Look at the following image
    Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 1.26.15 PM.png
    Here i have create a small relief thus eliminating the 90 degree angle.

    I wanted to try this further so this project i wanted to use a Sketchup extension called " Milling tools " that creates this just by clicking the shape. You can also just draw a circle the diameter of the bit and place it in each corner.

    Bellow are the images of the cut pieces and the final assembly of the bunny.

    20180329_183424.jpg 20180330_131135.jpg
    20180330_131411.jpg 20180330_131324.jpg
    20180330_131224.jpg 20180330_131143.jpg

    I have to admit that i made a mistake here that costed me not to achieve the intended result. I created an cut operation in the bunny head instead of a pocket for joining the body. So i had to laminate the face thus preventing me to pocket the eyes, nose and mouth :).

    Anyways hope you guys find it useful info and get ideas for other projects you need to do.
    20180330_131411.jpg 20180330_131324.jpg 20180330_131224.jpg 20180330_131143.jpg 20180330_131135.jpg 20180329_183424.jpg Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 1.26.15 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 1.25.45 PM.png

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  1. MaryD
    Great project. Could easily paint this or apply other materials to make a face or child's name etc.
      Ariel Yahni likes this.
  2. Mark Carew
    Hoppy Easter!! Thanks for the cool project Ariel :thumbsup:
      Ariel Yahni likes this.
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