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Intermediate Cnc Computer Station

  • Software:
    Librecad,Inkscape,Openbuilsds CAM
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8" flat end mill 2 flutes
    1/4" plywood
    I found this support in pinterest and decided to make my own version, in the ZIP you have all the plans to be able to cut them in the CNC you are free to modify them and make your version of the support.
    photo5900240683732676429.jpg photo5900240683732676430.jpg

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  1. Colin Mccourt
    I'd been searching for something like this for a while because my laptop resides on a table that can be better used as a workbench. I have downloaded all the files and I am able to call them up in my software (dfx). Do I open and cut all of these files.(one per file) Some have sizes, which of the hubs go where?. Using Batcaves great image would some kind soul like to add some order to the individual pieces by numbering them with their sizes (think IKEA) lol
    What hardware is required?
    Great post thanks for sharing. I would like to make this sooner rather than later
    Basically How many pieces of each Part..I've kinda worked it out and remapped everything for my software but where does the circle file come into play.
  2. Art Gehr
    Nice project! I like your spindle. Which brand/model is it?
  3. EmilioCo
  4. gismodes37
    Good project is appreciated, ask with which application do you read the .dxf extension?
  5. Batcrave
    I'm not entirely sure it'll fit in the space I have, or how/where I could mount it (I couldn't tell quite what you'd done from the pictures, either - do you have it on some sort of post?), but it looks like a good starting point. I liked the design enough to tossed together a jointed model in Fusion to get a better feel for how it all fits together & moves:

    Fusion Model-white.png
    I exported & zipped up the whole thing in case it was useful to anyone else, only to then notice I couldn't upload anything other than images here.


    But if anyone's interested, gimme a yell and I can send it your way - either as F3D (for Fusion users, with the spiffy functional joints), and/or STEP/IGES/SMT/SAT. Just don't trust the keyboard tray to actually match whatever hardware you're using - it was carefully dimensioned to precisely fit the vague image in my head of how big a keyboard might look.

    ( and the square I stuck on as a monitor mount is guaranteed to be 100% not VESA compliant )
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    1. Travis Brown
      Hey Bats, thanks for putting this together! It looks very useful for part counts for cutting. Any chance you could export to a Sketch-up file format (.skp) and send to [email protected] ? Thanks Travis
      Travis Brown, Jul 31, 2020
    2. Batcrave
      Sure, as long as Fusion's SKP exporter behaves.
      Batcrave, Jul 31, 2020
      Travis Brown likes this.
    3. zach.saale
      Batcrave, Id love to get the F3D file from you. Could you shoot it over to [email protected]? Thank you!
      zach.saale, Nov 10, 2020
  6. EmilioCo
    thank you for your comments that encourages me to create more designs
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  7. Brian
    This is been on my list of to do's but I could never really puzzle it together, great work!
  8. Peter Van Der Walt
    Love the dual monitors with our software on show! Beautiful image (made my whole week!) , on a beautiful project! Gonna really want to make one of these stations for my setup now!
      Michiglenn likes this.
  9. Michiglenn
    This looks like something you'd see on board the Nebuchadnezzar in the Matrix movies (if it was black!). Very cool, thanks for sharing!
      Peter Van Der Walt likes this.
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