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Beginner Cnc Clamp (dxf File Attached)


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  • h.dxf
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  1. dawhite
    Dunno if it's worth commenting as this was submitted so long ago, others may have figured it out already, it will load in vcarve, but autodesk products don't appear to like the layer called "default layer". just edit the dxf in notepad and replace "default layer" with "bogus" and the file will load, However, the color is 62 which might not be visible in model space, just change the layer color to something else... or re-create.
  2. Omid Rad
    I can`t open h.dxf file with auto cad or any support software. for example 3dsMax.
    I think damage your file.
    Tnx for attention.
  3. Lyle Landstrom
    Neat! Thanks for posting this.
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