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Beginner Chess Set

  • Bit or Laser Size:
    2 pcs 6mm depron - 1 black, 1 white
    The way it works is to stack two pieces of 6mm depron (one black and one white) on top of one another put them in the Phlatprinter and print it. No glue or tape needed. Once the first cut is made they will fuse together and hold.
    Once the cut is complete you cut the tabs from the bottom layer and carefully pull them apart.
    This will make the entire board and players.
    If someone has the depron to make this and does it, please post pictures.
    Test the code on a couple scrap pieces of foam first to get the correct depth of cut.

    16019=5247-ScreenShot00071 (Small).jpg
    16019=5247-ScreenShot00071 (Small).jpg 16019=5248-ScreenShot00072.jpg

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