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Intermediate Cancer Awareness Pendant

  • Machine Type:
    CNC Router
    Illustrator / Vectric Aspire / Vectric 3D / LaserWeb4
    Machine Time:
    7min aprox
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8" / 3.175mm ball nose
    Feeds & Speeds:
    Feed 25mm/s - Plunge 8mm/s - Setting #1 Dewalt 611
    20171021_090611.jpg 20171021_090623.jpg

    I wanted to dive into some 3D milling and found the perfect starting project for it. I also wanted too see whats all the fuzz about Vectric software that people seem to love.

    I categorized this project as intermediate because of the 3D milling but in reality its very simple and i did as follow:
    - Searched for a ribbon image on google, something that i could easily accommodate if needed
    - Loaded it into AI, to modify a little the curve angle
    - Opened Vectric Aspire, loaded the vector file and used the simple 3D command to do the shape
    - Saved the file as an STL
    - Opened the STL into Vectric Cut3D and created the toolpath. Exported it as a gcode in mm
    - Placed my stock hardwood that was roughly 7mm thick onto my MiniMill using doble sided tape
    - Loaded the gcode file into LaserWeb4 and executed it.
    - Removed the tabs, cleaned the edges, sanded the surface just a little but left some of the bit marks to show some "scars". Then added some was and polished it slightly.

    Just out of the Mill

    I was amazed but how simple Vectric tool are for creating 3D object and i will be doing a video soon of this process to how that.

    Of course the little MiniMill aka "TANK" made this all possible!!!!

    Included Files
    - Gcode (nc) file if you want to create the project as is
    - Vectric file
    - Vector file
    - STL file
    20171021_090611.jpg 20171021_090623.jpg 20171021_084124.jpg 20171021_084134.jpg 20171021_090553.jpg

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  1. Mark Carew
    Awesome! thank you Ariel