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Beginner Black Box Install On A 1515

  • Software:
    Open build
    Installed a blackbox control board to my open build ox CNC router, well after some teathing problem it was very straight forward had slight problem with an over sensitive laptop which keep cutting out when turning on the board but this was solved but turn and connecting the blackbox then switching on the PSU last, then had a problem with the stepper motors no moving so it was a case of finding the pairs of wires and trying different configurations for the wires once this was sorted all I can say is Wow the machine is a lot quieter smoother good job open builds team.
    Now all that is left to do is tidy up the wires and go to go. IMG_20190306_194101.jpg IMG_20190306_194130.jpg
    IMG_20190306_194101.jpg IMG_20190306_194130.jpg

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