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Intermediate Bird House Condo

  • Materials:
    Cut from 1/4" (.200) Luan, using copper flashing for the roof and some shims as the cedar shake on the lower rood.
    We will be using wood glue to hold it all together and painting all the parts white. The lower (smaller) roofs are going to have cedar shake nailed to them. We will also use finish nails in other spots that may need it.
    The base that wraps the 4x4 post will be cut from 1/2 pine and painted white and the 4 small corbels will be bought from the hardware store and these things will be added after the birdhouse is mounted in place.
    41338=15722-DSC00663_v1 (Small).jpg

    Here's how this was made.....

    41300=15671-DSC00643 (Small).JPG
    41300=15673-DSC00645 (Small).JPG
    41300=15675-DSC00647 (Small).JPG 41300=15682-DSC00651 (Small).JPG
    41338=15722-DSC00663_v1 (Small).jpg 41300=15671-DSC00643 (Small).JPG 41300=15673-DSC00645 (Small).JPG 41300=15675-DSC00647 (Small).JPG 41300=15682-DSC00651 (Small).JPG

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  1. Tony Fleming
    Thanks for sharing!
  2. MFCarew
    Looking at this build and seeing Mark and my Father working together brings back some great memories.
    R.I.P. Paul M. Carew Nov 1937- Mar 2019
      Swinly and Mark Carew like this.
  3. John Savoie
    I made this Birdhouse but I had to scale it down for my machine by 25% and remember to change the slots. This was my first project with CNC machine so there was a little bit of a learning curve.

    Capt. JP
      Mark Carew likes this.
  4. Tracy Ranson
    Very cool looking project I think I will make one of these this weekend. Thanks for sharing.
      John Savoie and Mark Carew like this.
    1. Mark Carew
      Cool, would love to see how it turns out!
      Mark Carew, Nov 21, 2017
      John Savoie likes this.
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