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Beginner Bicycle Foot Rest

  • Software:
    Rhino / Openbuilds CAM
    Machine Time:
    1min 40 sec
    Bit or Laser Size:
    1/8" Up-Cut Bit
    Feeds & Speeds:
    40 mm/s
    3mm DOC
    3/4" Plywood
    (2) Low Profile M5 Screws 50mm
    (4) Slim Washers
    (2) M5 Hex Locknut

    Back in August 2018 i invested on an IGG campaign for an ebike, considering i would need to get bike on my exercise routines that included a lot of biking.

    New years came and finally got the bike, but like many other campaigns you don't always get the latest review of said product and this included me not getting the frame that included bike peg location / thread.

    The bike has a very long seat so asa maker i had to come up with a solution for taking my kids for a ride but for them to be comfortable a foot rest was in order, so i came up with this design.

    Im really happy with the result, its works perfectly as a rest ( not to stand on ).

    I have included the DXF and the Openbuilds CAM Workspace for anyone to try it out
    20190117_174456.jpg 20190109_192916.jpg 20190108_074734.jpg

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  1. Mark Carew
    Great video Ariel. I learned a lot in this one and really like the way you did the recess. All these little tips and tricks really help to understand the possibilities of what can be done. Thank you for the share!
      Ariel Yahni likes this.
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