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Intermediate Bed Side Crib

  • Bit or Laser Size:
    18mm or 3/4 Pine
    My second project to share with the world. I made this for my wife from 18mm pine. The crib is designed around a 33"x15"x2" widely available mattress. Its a very simple design that can be made on a 2'X2' router if you do the 2 lager pieces with 2 programs. I designed it with the 2 adjustable slats that go in between the mattress and the box spring so the crib wont fall over or move. The rendered picture doesn't show it, but if you over cut the inside corners, then you wont have to do much finish work to assemble it. Your choice of hardware or glue. Enjoy.
    Crib Picture.JPG
    Crib Picture.JPG

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