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Beginner Arrow Head Display Case

  • Materials:
    Files are for 1/4" fanfold foam (used in home construction). Final version was made in 1/4" (.200) Luan using wood glue to hold everything together. There are no tools needed for this build.
    Here is the Arrow head case project that my Dad and I worked on for Christmas presents. These were the gifts we gave out to all the men in the family who are history hunters at heart. They were very happy to have them.

    One of my personal favorite parts of this project was that on the final parts (not the foam version) the tabs do not show though the slots. They slots are recessed and not all the way though and the tabs are shorter in length. This gives you a nice finish on the exposed part of the build :good:

    The code is for the foam prototype version. You will see 3 different ideas for the cases frames that you can experiment with on your own projects.

    Please share pics/files of your builds

    41966=15807-DSC00510_ (Small).jpg
    41966=15803-DSC00505_ (Small).jpg
    41966=15804-DSC00506_ (Small).jpg
    41966=15805-DSC00507_ (Small).jpg
    41966=15807-DSC00510_ (Small).jpg 41966=15803-DSC00505_ (Small).jpg 41966=15804-DSC00506_ (Small).jpg 41966=15805-DSC00507_ (Small).jpg

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