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Beginner Archimedes Circle Charm

  • Software:
    Machine Time:
    3 minutes - OpenBuilds MiniMill
    Bit or Laser Size:
    2mm bit
    Feeds & Speeds:
    Feed rate: 5000mm/min.
    Spindle speed: 24,000 rpm
    1) Oak or any other type of wood.
    2) Copper wire, we used ours from a 12/2 romex.
    3) Old English stain
    4) Clear Lacquer
    5) Sand paper
    6) Super glue
    Archimedes circle

    Ok let's get started!

    1) First get your wood piece. We just used a oak sample from Lumber Liquidators!


    2) Measure your wood piece. You want to measure the length, width, and the thickness of the wood. We measured and cut our wood so that it was 75mm x 75 mm. The thickness of our wood was 9mm.

    IMG_20170901_121816_918.jpg IMG_20170901_121630_008.jpg IMG_20170901_121417_701.jpg

    3) Next you want to make your desired charm in Sketch U cam. Use the exact measurements you recorded to make the model for your charm. You also put the design you want on the charm! We used a Archimedes circle!

    IMG_20170901_121901_828.jpg IMG_20170901_121945_175.jpg

    4) Set up your CNC machine (in our case the OpenBuilds MiniMill) and cut! Once you've made you've designed your charm its ready to be brought to life! Set up your machine with the correct bit size, feed rate and spindle speeds. And start cutting! Are charm only took 3 minutes!

    5) Sand!! You've finished the hard part, now you need to sand down and make your charm smooth. Remember sanding makes a huge difference!


    6) Insert your copper wire into the design cut out.Make sure to bend the wire to fit exactly in the cutout and put into place. You can put super glue inside the cutout to make sure everything stays in place. Then hammer the wire into your cut out and quickly wipe up the excess from the super glue!


    7) Sand again! To give it that professional smooth look, sand down the wire so that its even with the wood. Sanding the edges of the charm and making them curved will also add to the effect.

    IMG_20170901_122357_125.jpg IMG_20170901_122452_230.jpg

    8) Stain your charm! We used Old english stain to get a nice meduim brown color.

    IMG_20170901_122634_369.jpg IMG_20170901_122849_946.jpg

    10) Last but not least apply a clear coat of Lacquer! Very important step! It makes your charm look polished.


    Your done!! I hope this tutorial was helpful for you! Would love to see the charms you make!

    Optional step: Make a necklace for your charm! You can use yarn, twine or string! I did mine with twine and i braided it into a fishtail braid!

    IMG_20170901_151744_635.jpg IMG_20170901_121144_063.jpg IMG_20170901_121226_761.jpg IMG_20170901_121417_701.jpg IMG_20170901_121630_008.jpg IMG_20170901_121816_918.jpg IMG_20170901_121901_828.jpg IMG_20170901_121945_175.jpg IMG_20170901_122132_902.jpg IMG_20170901_122229_860.jpg IMG_20170901_122549_742.jpg IMG_20170901_122357_125.jpg IMG_20170901_122452_230.jpg IMG_20170901_122634_369.jpg IMG_20170901_122849_946.jpg IMG_20170901_151744_635.jpg IMG_20170902_125108_389.jpg AC_Charm.jpg IMG_20170901_122036_646.jpg

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  1. melt.burn.make
    I really like the wire inlay, I've always found it to be a nice touch. If you haven't tried it yet, rock powders like turquoise with super glue make a striking inlay too :)
      Mark Carew likes this.
    1. Mark Carew
      Cool idea, will have to give this a try with the super glue. I have been really looking at some of the amazing resin inlays that can be made as well and look forward to giving them a try too. Thanks again for this great tip
      Mark Carew, Jan 24, 2018
      melt.burn.make likes this.
  2. Sonny Lowe
    Wow, what a great project, it is definitely on my "to do" list, thanks for sharing!!!
      Mark Carew and MaryD like this.
  3. Mark Carew
    So many ideas come to mind with this project! This looks pro enough to sell. Thank you for sharing:thumbsup:
      MaryD and Sonny Lowe like this.
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