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Beginner American Flag 3d Carving.

  • Software:
    Vectric Cut3D
    Machine Time:
    Aproximately 6 Hours
    Bit or Laser Size:
    .250 DownCut & .125 Ball end mill
    Feeds & Speeds:
    80 IPM, 60 plunge rate @ .125 DOC for roughing pass. 60 IPM, 40 plunge rate @ remaining DOC. These speeds should be adjusted for your specific machine and material.
    Red Oak. Minwax Classic Oak, and Polyurethane all in one.
    Running my first cut on the Lead 1010.

    I bought this file a few months back from Etsy, 3d models for cnc router and 3d printer by 3dmodelsByVadim and the weather is finally starting to break enough to make some chips fly.

    Before I can do anything, I'll need to make some gcode to run. I use Vectric Cut3D for my 3D carvings. It works quite well most of the time. I import my STL file, and set my project size first. Screenshot (84).png
    Then set my material size, thickness and starting point.
    Screenshot (85).png
    Select bit, feeds and speeds for the roughing pass.
    Screenshot (86).png And again for the finish pass.
    Screenshot (87).png
    Next, you can preview what your passes will look like. You can always go back and make changes if there is something you don't like. Next, you will save your gcode. I use the post processor called "G Code" There are 2 pp's named that. One is inches, and one is mm. I used the mm one for the OpenBuilds Control software. (NOTE) I setup all the previous steps using inch settings. I only saved the gcode as mm. The reason I did this is because I don't use the metric system enough to know what I'm putting in there. The OB Control software only supports metric, so that's why I exported the gcode as such.
    Screenshot (88).png
    Screenshot (89).png

    Okay. I have my code and am ready to put it to use!

    The material I am using here is a piece of 1" thick Red Oak. You can find it at any Home Depot or Lowes as a stair tread. A bit pricey, but they are ready to carve.

    I always drill pilot holes, use a counter sink bit, and just screw it to my spoil board. Make sure you offset your zero starting point enough to avoid hitting the screws with your expensive router bits!! Project Setup.jpg

    I just draw a line far enough away from any hold down screws for my zero and line up my 1/4" down cut, 2 flute router bit for X,Y, and Z.
    Setting Zero.jpg

    Using the OpenBuilds Control software, I load my gcode file that I made previously with Cut3D, and click the play button and wait for the roughing pass to finish up.
    Start of Roughing Pass.jpg

    Finished Roughing Pass.jpg

    I really like the down cut end mills for a super clean result! Time to move on to the finish pass :). Change out the 1/4" end mill for the 1/8" ball end mill. Check that it's just barely touching the surface of the wood, and re-zero only the Z axis. The machine should have automatically gone back to the point of original Z when it finished the roughing pass. Make sure you don't hit zero all axis if you jogged the machine to change your bit!!

    Depending on your machine, the speeds you choose and the size of your project, this will take awhile. About 4-5 hours for mine.
    Finish Sanded Eagle.jpg

    Off of the machine, and a little bit of sanding later, it's ready for a coat of polyurethane.
    Angled View Sanded.jpg

    Stained Eagle.jpg

    I only put one coat on in this picture, but you might want to apply 3 or more depending on how you want it to look.
    Angled View Sanded.jpg Finish Sanded Eagle.jpg Finished Roughing Pass.jpg Nearly Finished Roughing.jpg Project Setup.jpg Stained Eagle.jpg Start of Roughing Pass.jpg Screenshot (84).png Screenshot (85).png Screenshot (86).png Screenshot (87).png Screenshot (88).png Screenshot (89).png Setting Zero.jpg

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User Comments

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  1. Tim Clingenpeel
    Really nice....
      Jack D likes this.
    1. Jack D
      Thank you!
      Jack D, May 7, 2019
  2. Seanclan7
    Nice 3 d effect
      Jack D likes this.
    1. Jack D
      Jack D, Apr 19, 2019
  3. MFCarew
    Outstanding project, thank you for sharing.
      Jack D likes this.
  4. Colin Mccourt
    Wow...When I learn a lot more about my machine and software capabilities I will upgrade my Vectric package
    Nice job, thanks for sharing.
      Jack D likes this.
    1. Jack D
      Thanks. That software is worth every penny.
      Jack D, Mar 24, 2019
      Colin Mccourt likes this.
  5. Mark Carew
    @Jack D Turned out amazing brother! Nice work man and thank you for showing just how easy it is to make something as cool as this is on an OpenBuilds LEAD Machine. :thumbsup:
      Jack D likes this.
    1. Jack D
      Thanks. There will be more coming soon. Maybe a bold move to try for a first cut, but it ran smooooth!
      Jack D, Mar 24, 2019
      RusticGoose and MaryD like this.
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