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Beginner Acrylic Pen Display Stand

  • Machine Type:
    Laser / Plasma
    Machine Time:
    Feeds & Speeds:
    1/8" Acrylic

    This is more of a tips than a projects and surely there could be may ways to achieve the same, i just used what i had in hand ( wife wont let me use the hair dryer)

    So the purpose was to get some kid of simple pen display to show case and take picture of some of the pens im turning and found this little L shape design n google that took one second to draw in skechtup.

    From there is only t get the appropriate heat source, in my case a simple cooking torch and beg i has hitting the correct spot to bend. No to much heat is required so from then just bend with your hands to the desired shape and let it cool.

    Hope this works for anyone else of please share you own ways to achieve the same in a simple matter
    Bending Acrylic.png Untitled design (1).jpg Bending Acrylic_1080.png

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