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Beginner A Pirate Cutlass

  • Software:
    Vectric V-Carve Desktop
    Machine Time:
    Workbee 1000mm x 750mm (Screw Driven)
    Bit or Laser Size:
    Feeds & Speeds:
    Roughing - 3mm Endmill - Speed 900mm/min - Plunge 420mm/min - Stepover 40%
    Finishing - 3mm Ballnose - Speed 900mm/min - Plunge 450mm/min - Stepover 10%
    Cut=out - 3mm Endmill - Speed 900mm/min - Plunge 420mm/min
    10mm MDF
    Design & Create "Cutlass" 3D model
    What do you say when the Capt. asks you to build him a sword...Answer - "Aye Aye Captain" (for fear of being Keel-hauled!)
    Checking around me timber pile and stacked neatly behind a large wooden barrel of the finest Rum I spied a decent sized piece of MDF. (not the best material to sail the seven seas with but needs must as they say) I duly whipped this down to 300x 550mm and squared everything off on the CNC, proceeding to set up the tooling for the job in-hand. Everything went to plan if a little lengthy for the roughing strategy but the captain didn't seem to mind. Once finished the two skins seemed a little thin around 8mm each at the highest point down to almost nothing along the blade edge. I was fairly light, but remember the Capt. was only 3yrs old so it should be a perfect fit. Of course, I'm not going to leave any pointed or sharp edges I don't want a parental mutiny on my hands. The video below shows some of the stages in the development of the cutlass prior to clean-up and decoration. Again its been a nice little project and whilst no "pieces of eight" changed hands it was an honour to forge such a piece for Capt. Skunkbeard. master of the seas.
    There is still quite a lot of cosmetic/decorative work to be done on this implement before its truly ready to present to the bearded one. I will post further images here as time passes on the progression of such.


    Some of the decorative items I wish to add to compliment this little project


    Once you acquire the Cutlass model from Design & Make,
    If using the .crv files below you will have to adjust or modify the tool-paths to suit the mills you have available.
    Remember I am a novice, and there may be flaws.
    Thanks for watching thus far I will post more files on the decoration of the sword as and when the time suggests.


    Decoratively the Cutlass is almost complete, just a little gold Bakers Twine to disguise some knots made whilst adding the beadwork.
    I think I have escaped "walking the Plank" for another while...
    The problem now is, The Capt'n has a brother.
    Thank You for following my little adventure its been a pleasure having you onboard.

    Decor2.jpg decorate.jpg cutlass.jpg

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  1. Alex Chambers
  2. MaryD
    Really nice project!
  3. Alex Chambers
    Hi @Colin Mccourt, you appear to have uploaded the g code files but not the vectric ones - is that what you meant to do?
    Alex. :):)
      Colin Mccourt likes this.
    1. Colin Mccourt
      Oops!.. (amended) I had to zip it to upload it, hopefully, I've done it correctly. Thanks for the reminder. Alex
      Colin Mccourt, May 11, 2019
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