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Water Cooling Monitoring 2021-03-16

dyi based on arduino to supervise temperature & flow to cool the spindle

  1. Amaiurymsa
    Material Used:
    Arduino, Oled SSD1306, Flow sensor YF-S201 & DS18B20
    hello all,
    I just started some weeks ago into the CNC world with a workbee 1510 and a watercooled spindle.
    I was worried about the cooling of my spindle, some of my concerns was :
    • forget to start the pump
    • loss of flow
    • increase of temperature
    then I decided to buy some components for less than 10€ to design a small arduino based project to keep those concerns away from me and my CNC.
    • Arduino (nano)
    • YF-S201 for the flow sensor
    • DS18B20 for the temperature sensor
    • one 0.96" Oled
    • one 5V relay
    if the flow is less than 20l/h, the arduino open the relay which cut the loop of the doorswitch input of my blackbox controller,
    Result = spindle stop !

    when the flow is not active, the Oled shows the coolant temperature.
    when active, you'll see the actual temperature + also temp at start & the flow rate

    at start, Opendbuilds logo are showned ;)

    the code is provided and ready to help if some of you are interested in!


    1. hold.jpg
    2. running.jpg
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