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WarpDriver Free Software 2014-12-06

Reads G-code files produced by CNC design programs (like VCP or PVC) and 'warps' the X,Y and Z

  1. Hytech2k
    "I wrote WarpDriver as a Windows program to extend what 2D software can do. It reads G-code files produced by CNC design programs (like VCP or PVC) and 'warps' the X,Y and Z information so that it follows a predefined shape. These shapes can have any profile, but the codes now support shapes like elliptical frames, domes and dishes, and rectangular protrusions and dishes. It can also adjust your G-code if your X and Y axes are not perfectly orthogonal. I use a warped 'pocket' to cut the material down to this shaped surface, then carve my pattern of text, or an image, or some artwork, onto this newly exposed surface. The image above is the first test cut, showing some text imposed on a domed shape; this is 0.4" higher in the centre than the edges. More examples are shown in the WarpDriver Gallery, including a 'warped' Mayan/Aztec calendar."

    Not my program, just passing information along. Looks great for those who use programs like Cut 2D and V-Carve Pro. Would probably work with other CAD programs, not sure, but hey it's free!! Download it and test it out !! If you like contribute to the author to keep low cost software alive !

    Check out more info here:

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