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V-Slot gear racks 2021-11-10

Custom made gear racks designed specifically for V-slot extrusions and machine kits.

  1. Mike Campbell
    I've been designing, prototyping and testing this drive system for a few years now and feel it is finally ready to share with everyone. Please check out my posted builds on the list for more on that.

    Shown here are pics and videos of the process and how I setup to produce them "in-house". First up in the production run are HDPE versions in 1000mm and 250mm (the same as the other prototype builds). I am working on Nylon and metal versions to be released next.

    Production vids of the V-Rak process;

    Other vids of the prototype 454 machine using the prototype HDPE racks;

    I'm not attaching any files and am unsure what the proper license is to attribute here. Honestly, this isn't something that can't be duplicated or figured out, just hoping my efforts so far will build interest.

    Please direct any questions to the links in my signature and profile page.


    2.jpg 3.jpg 4.jpg 20210905_164300.jpg 20210905_164309.jpg 241252774_10159235718094693_5679044036430001017_n.jpg 241401069_10159235718144693_8684238822980920052_n.jpg
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