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V-Slot CAD Models for Autodesk Inventor Updated 4-22-14

A set of CAD models for the V-Slot extrusions, plates, spacers, and other parts.

  1. JonHollander
    This is a set of models for the V-Slot extrusions and associated parts for use with Autodesk Inventor 2013.

    Included are models for:
    • V-Slot extrusions in all sizes
    • V-Slot plates
    • Brackets and mounting strips
    • Wheels, idlers, and pulleys
    • T-nuts, bearings, spacers, shims, and other various hardware
    The original part files are included in Inventor 2013 format. STEP and IGES versions of the models are also included by popular demand.

    I've also included several assemblies for common part configurations, such as preassembled bolts and t-nuts (optionally with iMates for automatic placement in brackets) and wheel/bearings/bolt/spacers/nut sub-assemblies. These save time in designing frames and carriages.

    The extrusion models have been configured to work with Inventor's frame generator tool, which automatically extrudes V-Slot segments to match the length of lines or edges in an associated model. This makes it easy to quickly create V-Slot frames (and resize frames by changing the parameters of the linked model).

    Installation Instructions

    To use, unzip the file and copy the vslot.idcl file to Inventor's content center directory. Then add the V-Slot library to your current project. V-Slot parts will then be available in the content center.

    If you're using a later version of Inventor, you will need to run the "Update Tool" function from the "Configure Libraries" window.

    After installing the content center file, you can use Inventor's frame generator with V-Slot. Open the frame generator and select the "unnamed" standard from the frame generator menu. Then choose the type of V-Slot extrusion from the dropdown list.

    I've also included the original part files for editing or for adding to assemblies without using Inventor's content center.

    H Gantry 60mm v4.jpg

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  1. V-Slot CAD Models for Autodesk Inventor

Recent Reviews

  1. jmolina
    Version: Updated 4-22-14
    Very nice work. Thanks
  2. Daniel R
    Daniel R
    Version: Updated 4-22-14
    Works great. Thanks!
  3. Steve Jeppesen
    Steve Jeppesen
    Version: Updated 4-22-14
    Nice, alot of work went into this. Updated and appears to work in 2016. Thank You!
  4. Jenny Lin
    Jenny Lin
    Version: Updated 4-22-14
    Really awesome - thanks for making the models!
  5. travisghorton
    Version: Updated 4-22-14
    Fantastic, I can tell a lot of hard work went into making this. It took me about an hour to get everything configured though. I'm new to Inventor and to Windows 7.
  6. DanieleCarlini
    Version: Updated 4-22-14
    library does not work on inventor 2015, i can see a little yellow "exclamation mark" near the library, when i try to insert it with other libraries :(
    1. JonHollander
      Author's Response
      I just migrated to Inventor 2015 and the library works fine for me.

      I'm guessing that you need to run the Update Tool to migrate the library to Inventor 2015.

      First, make sure the .idcl file is copied to your C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Inventor 2015\Content Center\Libraries (or equivalent) folder.

      Then, open the Project window, and then open the Configure Libraries dialog. Select the vslot library from the list and then run the "Update Tool." It's the icon on the bottom right of this window.
    Version: 2013-12-14
    Excellent, thanks so much. Has really helped out a lot.
  8. CutAboveZ
    Version: 2013-12-14
    These are great. I picked up a copy of Autodesk Fusion 360 and all the original part files loaded in fine. Excellent work! Looking forward to eventually trying the Frame Generator in Inventor.
  9. Yusuf Tumer
    Yusuf Tumer
    Version: 2013-12-14
    Can someone with Inventor please export these files as .STP or Solidworks files please?
  10. cliff
    Version: 2013-12-14
    Can anyone provide some of these parts in other formats, such as STEP or Solidworks formats?
    1. JonHollander
      Author's Response
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