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Ultra-Rigid G10 X-Gantry Plate for C-Beam 1.0

1/4" thick gantry plate with 12 wheels and a wider base.

  1. alex_b
    Bit Size:
    Feeds & Speeds:
    300mm/min, 18k rpm
    Material Used:
    This plate was designed in Fusion 360 and can be downloaded in nearly every major design format at the link.

    This is an alternative X-Gantry plate for C-Beam machines. 1/4" thick material can be G10, steel or aluminum. One side is counterbored by about 2.5mm so the plate can sit flush against the Z-axis assembly without washers/spacers for the heads of the screws. There are 8 large wheels total and 4 mini v-wheels.

    All 4 mini v-wheels are on eccentrics so the large wheels can be tightened properly then each mini wheel subsequently tightened. This plate grips each C-Beam rail from both the inside and outside which really helps remove lateral deflection in the C-Beam builds.

    It is best to fully loosen the inside wheels and tighten up the large v-wheels first. Once the preload of the large wheels is set, then adjust the preload of the mini-wheels. Once all the pre-loads are set, install the anti-backlash nut block and continue with the build.

    - The mini-wheels require 2 precision shims on each wheel for proper alignment with the large wheels.
    - 30mm+ screw lengths are needed for the large wheels.

    2016-03-28 16.42.31.jpg 2016-03-28 16.51.27.jpg 2016-03-28 23.49.58.jpg
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