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Temco CN0097 Limit Switch Mounts 2018-12-29

I needed a mount for my limit switches and this is my solution.

  1. Tracy Ranson
    20181229_215405.jpg 20181229_215457.jpg I needed a decent solution for mounting the Temco CN0097 limit switches that I purchased on eBay. The options that are available will not work for all limit switches not to mention that my machine is not made from all Openbuilds parts which made things a little more complicated, so off the rack parts won't always work in this sort of situation.

    My machine is more of a Frankinbuild than anything else that I have built. Since I am an Openbuilds fan I had to use Openbuilds C-Beam that I purchased when it was first offered a few years back. I also had T-slot that I purchased from 8020inc more than six years ago. I also used many other parts in the build that I won't mention since this is about limit switch mounting.

    There are a lot of limit switches on the market many of which do not come with mounting hardware, such as screws, nuts or even a simple mounting plate. Since I could not find mounts that fit my needs I decided to design an assortment of mounts that would work on my machine and perhaps on other machine configurations.

    I thought about making the mounts from .125 thick acrylic but I wanted to make sure that the mounts were sturdy so I went with .125 6061 T6 aluminum. After the mounts were made I attached a limit switch to the mounting plates in the orientation that I needed and I used Everbilt brand 3mm-.5 x 20mm socket cap screws with matching nuts, which I purchased from a local hardware store

    The file that I am share with you today can be opened with Cambam, if you have any questions please let me know. You can download a trial of Cambam here CamBam CNC Software - Downloads

    I converted the Cambam file to SVG, DXF and DWG if you would like those files send me a message and I will share the folder with you.

    Temco switches can be purchased here 10 pc TEMCo Micro Limit Switch Short Roller Lever Arm SPDT Snap Action home LOT | eBay
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