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StandingWave Generator 2014-12-06

StandingWave Generator Program Free (Donations accepted voluntarily)

  1. Hytech2k
    "I was interested in making a 'wavy panel' that shows a pattern that looks like the sandy bottom at the beach. You can find people that sell these on the web, and often the price is several hundred dollars for a sheet of machined MDF. Some of these designs, admittedly, are better than just sandy waves, so I don't deny their place. Still, it was too rich for me, and I wanted to apply this pattern to my own designs, not to make wall coverings. In particular, I also wanted to be able to wrap these waves onto curved surfaces using WarpDriver or a 4th axis system. Although Vectric's V-Carve Pro has various texture designs, I could never get them to look very random or wavy enough; most often they looked more like roughly gouged wood. So, instead of wrestling with it, I wrote StandingWave."

    Pretty neat program to generate wave patterns !!

    Check out the site here:

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