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Spanner for KRESS 1.1

spanner, kress, kress 530, kress 800, kress 1050, fme

  1. jumaras
    Recently I bought a kress 1050 fme-1. I see that I need one spanner for de clamping nut, and dont come with the original product, so I decide to design one spanner only to use with the kress. I have spanners to use with the mill, but i want one small spanner to use only with the kress and not moving them from one place to another and lose it at some point.

    I'll do it in a laser cutter in stainless steel.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Charris Lekatsas
    Charris Lekatsas
    Version: 1.1
  2. Mark Carew
    Mark Carew
    Version: 1.0
    Now thats cool! Thank you
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