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Solidworks v2013 parts files - Updated 4-27-2014 Revision 4a

Solidworks 2013 3D files for almost every part in the OpenBuilds Online Store

  1. Solidworks v2013 Parts Files - updated 1-21-2015 - Added IGES and STEP Files

    This is a duplicate of Revision 4 and I have just changed the title of the revision to make it more clear. Please see Revision 4 message for more detail.
  2. Solidworks 2013 Files updated with IGES and STEP versions of all files

    Hi everyone.
    Due to lots of requests, I have finally found the time to convert ALL files in the Solidworks v2013 Part File Folders to IGES and STEP files. So - every folder now contains IGES and STEP files to match the Solidworks files.
    A comment or 2 - I have checked a random sampling to the files in each folder, and they do work when bringing them in to SW 2013. This was not an exhaustive check so you may discover some issues that I did not see. Again - this was tested by re-opening the...
  3. Soldworks v2013 Part File 3rd Revision - added 8mm Leadscrew and ACME Nuts

    This is the 3rd revision of the Solidworks Parts Files for Almost Everything in the Open Builds Parts Store. As before, everything is organized in folders to match the Store Folders to make the parts easy to find.

    This revision adds the 8mm, 4 start, 8 pitch lead screw and both of the ACME nuts for the leadscrew: the V-Slot ACME Nut, and the 8mm ACME Nut Block. You will find all 3 files in the "Hardware" Folder, and a repeat of the leadscrew in the "Screws" Folder, just as in the Open...
  4. Corrected Steel Eccentric Spacer

    Hi all.
    I received an e-mail from Lew Hefner pointing out that the Eccentric Spacer Dimensions did not fit the mounting plate hole dimension. This was my mistake and I have corrected that in the Revision 2 update. Sorry if there was any confusion. All other files are the same as Revision 1.

    Mark Beers
  5. Solidworks V2013 Parts Files - Revision 1

    This revision contains all the parts files in the original posting, but I have added the OpenRail Gantry Plates in all 4 sizes (20mm, 40mm, 60mm, 80mm) as well as some assemblies (V-Slot Wheels, Brackets with bolts and tee-nuts, etc.). These will be found in the assemblies folder of the zip file.

    As before - there is also a folder for your Design Library containing Solidworks Feature Library parts files (.sldfp) of the OpenBuilds V-Slot extrusions for your use as well.
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