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Solidworks v2013 parts files - Updated 4-27-2014 Revision 4a

Solidworks 2013 3D files for almost every part in the OpenBuilds Online Store

  1. mqbeers
    The .zip file here contains Solidworks 2013 parts (.sldprt) files organized into a directory structure which matches the left side categories menu in the OpenBuilds Online Parts Store. Hopefully this will make it easier to find the parts files that you need. In addition - for those of you that are familiar with Solidworks Design Libraries - there is a folder that contains only the profiles in the Solidworks Feature Library Parts (.sldflp) format of the OpenBuilds extrusions for your use. You can copy that separately to your Design Library and then the profiles will be available to use in the Weldments tab. I use the Weldments menu in Solidworks, and after laying out the basic machine with just lines and dimensions in a sketch, use the Insert Structural Member under the Weldments Tab, select your profile and the profile will be extruded to the length of the line in your sketch.

    What I have provided so far is just the parts and not many assemblies at this point. I will work further on some assemblies as I have time, but hopefully you will find this useful Please let me know either way.

    Good luck.

    Mark Beers

Recent Reviews

  1. blackbool
    Version: Revision 4a
    wonderful ! Thank you so much for the add ! You did a tremendous work.

    Any chance the C-BEAM could be added...Unfortunately I don't have solidworks 2014 :(

    Cheers !
  2. Sorkyah
    Version: Revision 4a
    Great library for putting all the parts for my 3d printer project into SW.

    is here any chance someone would be able to add the 40mm X 40mm v-rail file? i admit im still a novice when it comes to SW
  3. Guss
    Version: Revision 4a
    Hi Mark. I did a Solidworks part file of the c-beam. See the resources... http://www.openbuilds.com/resources/c-beam-3d-cad.125/
    You welcome to include it in your collection (maybe check my dimensions)

    Just interesting. The 80mm sketch I got out of your part drawing, has a 0.02mm mistake in it (in the total height after mirroring). I fixed it, but can't recall how I fixed it....
  4. kylem
    Version: Revision 4a
    Great resource, the build plate for vslot however does not have all the holes in the middle of the plate modeled. I will attempt to update it with a onshape version soon.
  5. brbubba
    Version: Revision 4a
    Great resource. FYI, the M5 clearance hole on the handle is only 5 mm when it should be 5.5 mm to be a standard clearance hole size. It was tight for my bolts.
  6. Daquifsta
    Version: Revision 4a
    A fantastically useful resource, thank you for doing this. Also to the member who was having trouble mating the V wheels, if you still are, it's actually perfectly possible to do without modifying the models!
  7. dwm.cadman
    Version: Revision 4a
    I appreciate the work it took to put all these files together.

    I see that some SolidWorks users have had some problems with them though. I have modified the 4 design library files for creating extrusions with the Weldment tools. They are now dimensioned and fully constrained.

    Someone should check them for dimensional accuracy though. The sketches weren't dimensioned or constrained and the issues were mostly with actual lengths and angles being smaller or larger than the displayed rounded value. I placed dimensioned them so that the actual value matches the rounded value.

    The problem this created was that extruded surfaces that were supposed to be 90 degrees vertical and 180 degrees horizontal were actually 90.00000112 and 179.99996541. So mating them in an assembly took more effort than it normally would.

    I can upload them for the next revision of the parts files but need pointed in the right direction.

    As I build my assembly, I'll do the same with other SW parts. I encourage the other SW users to do the same so we can have a full revision quickly.
    1. mqbeers
      Author's Response
      I appreciate your work to improve the files. I am not a formally trained SW user and so I am not surprised that there are areas to be improved, corrected, etc. Before I posted the first revision of these files no one else had responded to requests for SW file, so I was attempting to answer that request.

      My hope was that these files would be helpful to those who were looking for SW files, while allowing expert users a base for starting from. The only resources that I had for creating these parts files were the Sketchup drawings provided with most of the parts, so that is where most of the dimensions came from.

      In any case, anyone is free to use these, improve on them. etc. If you wish to offer them for a future revision, I would be happy to include the improved files and give the author of the improved files full credit, or delete the files that are improved from my resource files and you can post your own. Whichever you would like is fine with me.

      Thanks for your interest in making this resource better.
  8. jjcolletta
    Version: Revision 4a
    Awesome work! Thank you
  9. inside
    Version: Revision 3
    Nice collections of files!

    Can someone please convert these to STEP or an earlier version of SW (like 2012?)

    It's pretty easy - open up the Solidworks Task Manager and then create a conversion task for the subfolder with all of the .sldprt files.

    See this image here for an idea of how to do it: http://cati.typepad.com/.a/6a00e5510582dd883401630079f892970d-800wi

    1. mqbeers
      Author's Response
      Hi there. Just posted Revision 4a in which I have created IGES and STEP files to match all of the previously included files. Let me know how they work.
      By the way - creating a Conversion Task in the SW Task Manager does not work. You have to use an Export Task to create the IGES and STEP files.
      Anyhow - good luck.
  10. Robotbeetle
    Version: Revision 3
    Really excellent time saver. I just wish all of the files were saved as .STL or IGES as well for those of us using older versions of SolidWorks.
    1. mqbeers
      Author's Response
      See Revision 4a for the new resource that contains IGES and STEP files to match every SW2013 file. Let me know how it works.
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