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Small cart 2014-04-04

A small cart for linear motion that runs directly on a V-Slot profile.

  1. Darkfibre
    This cart fits nicely on the 20mm v-slot profile. The adjustable angled bearing and sideblock allow you clamp it as tightly as needed. In addition to the 3 printed parts (1 mainblock + 2 sideblocks) you need a couple of metric screws. The screws used for the bearings at an 45┬░ angle have a fairly small head clearance. I've used the ISO 7380 type (button head socket cap screw) , perhaps DIN 7984 (low head socket cap screw) will fit too, but I have not tested that. For imperial equivalents you may want to consult these charts.

    All holes are 2.5mm, and have a spacing of 10mm. The top of the cart is riddled with even more holes, in a staggered pattern. All can take M3 screws directly.
    • 8 small bearings of type 623 (id:3mm od:10mm width:4mm)
    • 4x M3 x 25mm - sideblocks
    • 2x M3 x 25mm - bearings 2x M3 x locknuts
    • 4x M3 x 12mm - bearings at an 45┬░ angle
      (optionally 4x M3 x 20mm with 4x M3 locknuts)
    • M3 washers, if the printed elevations (0.5mm) do not provide enough clearance for the bearings

    When printing this design, turn it upside down to avoid most overhangs. The small holes should print fine, even when printed sideways.

    Make sure the shell is thick enough (1mm+) if you want to drill holes to 3mm.

    Be careful if you use an electric screwdriver. The friction of the screw in the plastic creates heat and that will soften the plastic, go slow then you won't rip the threads!


    1. cart-3d.png
    2. cart-front.png
    3. cart-side.png

Recent Reviews

  1. FrancescoF
    Version: 2014-04-04
    Very very interesting, I _must_ try it...
    Version: 2014-04-04
    I think it's a great idea and design. Was wishing for a cart like this. Thanks so much for sharing. Good job.
    1. Darkfibre
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the appreciation!

      If there's demand for a wide version, do leave a message.
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