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SketchUcam v1.5

SketchUcam is a 2.5D CAM Solution for SketchUp

  1. David the swarfer
    Design in SketchUp, work up the part and output the Gcode for your CNC machine!


    Version 1.5 released 24 Dec 2020 - upgrade now!

    SketchUcam Overview
    SketchUCam is free plugin written for the Google SketchUp CAD program that allows the creation of Gcode to control your cnc machines and bring your SketchUp creations into the real world!
    NOTE: The download button for SketchUcam is located at the top right of this page
    OR you can download from Github:
    Releases · swarfer/sketchucam · GitHub

    SketchUcam is possible though many great volunteers (super heroes) who have contributed to the project free of charge! Give a shout out to them

    Easy Install Instructions
    • you save the .rbz file from this web site, should result in a single file called something like SketchUcam-1_x-abcdef.rbz
    • you open sketchup
    • you select Window|Preferences|Extensions (or Window|Extension Manager in Make 2017)
    • you click 'install extension'
    • you select the .rbz file that you downloaded earlier
    • you click 'open' button
    • you click 'yes' when prompted by the 'this plugin will have the ability to do useful stuff' warning panel.
    • you click 'ok' when it says 'the selected extension has been successfully installed'
    • you click 'ok'
    • restart Sketchup

    Phlatscript is dead, long live SketchUcam 1.5 (Dec 2020)

    The Phlatboyz team are proud to announce the release of SketchUcam 1.5
    This release features:

    • Display SFM and feed per tooth on the parameters dialog.
    • Send Gcode to OpenBuildsCONTROL
    • Limit length of ramps to multiple of tool diameter.
    • Gplot.exe upgraded -
    • Optimize prograss bar so it updates the screen only when needed, this speeds up Gcode generation.
    • Fix Gcode Joiner to handle new start and end formats (which use G53) as well as old files.
    • Improved spiral bore retracts.
    • Offset for G53 Z raise codes.
    • Reduce feedrate in arcs
    • Bug Fixes
      • Multipass in laser mode, always use set power, without scaling.
      • Add faces to plunge hole groups, this helps a lot with keeping existing lines from interfering with holes, but is not perfect.
      • Toolchange tweak to prevent errors on multi %s strings.
      • Prevent Gplot opening if gcode generation is cancelled.
      • If user sets offset to the center of a hole, gcode was not generated correctly, fixed.
      • Prevent G53 Z moves in laser mode.
      • Remove 'use plunge/pocket CW' options and make those cuts follow the OverheadGantry setting for direction.
    The Download link is at the bottom of this post

    If you have never used SketchUcam before, please watch the instruction videos

    Installing SketchUcam 1.5
    There are 4 scenarios:
    NOTE: 'previous version' below means prior to 1.1, if you have 1.1 onward, just install the newest as in (1) and restart Sketchup.

    If you have Sketchup V7 you need to follow the instructions under (3) or (4) below, otherwise you can watch the video or follow the instructions in (2)

      • Sketchup Make/SK8 with NO previous version of Phlatscript
      • Sketchup Make/SK8 WITH previous version of PhlatScript installed
      • Sketchup 7 with NO previous version of Phlatscript
      • Sketchup 7 WITH previous version of Phlatscript
    This install puts all the files in the Plugins folder, so any old files in the
    Sketchup Tools folder have to be removed (very old versions were in Tools).

    The plugin is now installed in the Sketchup Plugins folder, like this
    C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 2013\Plugins
    C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins
    (for Windows 64bit)
    C:\Program Files (x86)\SketchUp\SketchUp 2013\Plugins
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Google SketchUp 8\Plugins
    Before you begin, if you have any older version of Phlatscript installed, make a copy of your 'Constants.rb' file NOW, and put it in a folder other than the Sketchup/Tools hierarchy because you are going to delete those
    old files.


    (1) - Sketchup Make 201(3|4|5|6|7)/SK8 with NO previous version of Phlatscript

      • Download the file (bottom of this post)
      • open Sketchup Make (2013|2014|2015|2016|2017)
      • Click Window
      • Select 'Preferences'
      • Select 'Extentions'
      • Click 'Install Extention'
      • Select the downloaded file
      • Click 'open'
      • Click 'Yes' at the warning
      • Make sure 'Phlatboyz Tools' is ticked in the list of extentions. This applies especially to Sketchup Make 2016, make sure you tick the box next to the plugin name as indicated in the image below. View attachment 1195
      • Click 'OK'
    If the toolbar does not appear you need to enable the toolbar

      • Select View
      • Select Toolbars
      • Tick 'Phlatboyz'
      • Click 'Close'
    You will now have 2 new toolbars, the SketchUcam tools, and the Phlatbones tools.

    On Linux under Wine, and (maybe) on Mac, you will need to set (Tools|Phlatboys|Options|Misc Options menu)
    Use_compatible_dialogs = true
    in order to see the Parameters dialog. Or you can search the web for howto's
    on setting up Wine/Mac with IE8 so that the web dialog works properly.

    jump to 'Notes'

    (2) - Sketchup Make/2013|2014|2015/16/17/SK8 WITH previous version of PhlatScript installed

    Remove old version:

      • Make a copy of Constants.rb (or MyConstants.rb if you were trying out TRUEPLUNGE)
      • Delete the files
        • C:\\Program Files\\SketchUp\\SketchUp [2013|8]\\Tools\\Phlatboyz
        • C:\\Program Files\\SketchUp\\SketchUp [2013|8]\\Tools\\phlatboyztools.rb
        • and gplot.rb gplot.exe and the dll if you have that in 'tools'
      • Install SketchUcam as in (1) above
      • Rename your Constants.rb to MyConstants.rb and put it in
        C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp [2013|8]\Plugins\Phlatboyz
    Jump to 'Notes'

    (3) - Sketchup 7 with NO previous version of Phlatscript

      • Download the RBZ file (attached)
      • Rename the file from .rbz to .zip
      • Use your favourite ZIP extrator tool to extract the contents to
        C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 7\Plugins\
        preserving folders
      • Follow the instructions in (1) for enabling the toolbar if needed.
    Jump to 'Notes'

    (4) - Sketchup 7 WITH previous version of Phlatscript

      • Make a copy of
        C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 7\Tools\Phlatboyz\Constants.rb
        outside of the Tools folder.
      • Remove old files
        • C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 7\Tools\Phlatboyz
        • C:\Program Files\SketchUp\SketchUp 7\Tools\phlatboyztools.rb
      • Install SketchUcam 1.1 as in (3) above
      • Rename your Constants.rb to MyConstants.rb and place it in
        C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 7\Plugins\Phlatboyz
      • Sit back and seriously consider upgrading to 8 or 2013. 2013 imports/exports dxf natively, 8 has a nicer interface, and both support easy .rbz file plugin installs and upgrades!

      • Paths: wherever a path is mentioned in the above instructions it refers to the common default install path. If your Sketchup is installed in a different place, then you must use the actual path. The critical part of this upgrade is that this plugin moves from the Sketchup /Tools folder to the Sketchup /Plugins folder.
      • Read the help now, the big blue question mark in the toolbar!
      • Use the Tools|Phlatboyz|Options menus to set system defaults. This replaces MyConstants.rb. These defaults apply to NEW DRAWINGS and Gcode generation.
    The Phlatboyz team wishes to thank those who created tools or ideas that are now integrated into this toolset.

    1_1a contains

      • a quick fix for a bug in the PocketTool that caused it to ignore changes in the bit diameter.
    1_1b contains fixes

      • multipass centerline/fold/pocket cuts optimized to remove unneeded Z motion
      • gcode viewer opens after 3D generation if option selected
      • 3D multipass optimized a bit (-:
      • 3D bug where Z plunged to full depth before every pass fixed.
      • pockettool now uses the same depth settings as centerlines and folds
    1_1c contains fixes and new features

      • Setup profile save and load
      • CW/CWW choices for plunge holes and pockets
      • Phlatprinter outfeed option
      • Options Summary
      • Pocket zigzag direction
      • Phlatbones integration improvements
      • Help updated
      • Parameters tool 'restore defaults' bug fixed
    1_1d contains fixes and new features

      • Tools|Phlatboys|Group Summary - presents a list of groups in cut order
      • Sketchup Make 2014 compatibilty
      • Paramaters dialog on MAC - should work without Use_Compatible_Dialog!
      • Language handler. Fixed and improved.
    1_1e-beta 3

      • more fixes for Mac, if you use Mac, you must download this version
      • some plunge hole optimization
      • table as Z zero instead of material top, see Options menu for default, and Parameters dialog for tick box.
      • Arcs with increased resolution
      • Phlatbones changes, fewer segments in arcs, and arcs exploded after creation, this allows faster Gcode to be generated without extra steps. Preferences file permissions solved.
      • Pocket cut : fixes to allow easy deletes, zigzags and outlines are 'curves' created in one undoable operation.
      • 3D cut fix for overcut on beginning of last pass.
    Version 1.2
    All the above in 1.1e-beta2
    Tools|Phlatboyz|Options menu that replaces the MyConstants.rb for setting machine defaults.

      • Install this package
      • Close Sketchup
      • Start Sketchup
    Version 1.2a

      • bugs in 3D generator killed
      • 3D multipass will now stop early when there is no deeper feature to cut
      • Tools|Phlatboyz|Gcode Joiner - tool to join Gcode files together.
      • Tools|Phlatboyz|Options|Features|Use_End_Position - allow user to define an ending position for the tool other than X0Y0 so that the gantry can be moved out of the way at the end of a job. Compliments the 'use_outfeed' option, and the Use_Home_height option.
    Version 1.3 video

      • Ramping: (option on parameters dialog) instead of plunging Z straight down into the workpiece, the tool will ramp down along the first segment, optionally using the given ramp angle limit.
      • Set Ramp VTabs on Tool|Phlatboyz menu: this will set the ramping parameters for Vtabs so they use the ramp angle limit, do this BEFORE creating the Vtabs.
      • Commenting options, switch between using () and ; so you can use whatever your controller prefers in the G-code.
      • G-code Joiner is happy with both comment formats.
      • G-code Joiner file selection remembers the folder, and remembers a change in extension. Also detects Sketchup versions prior to Make2014 and works around the wildcard bug
      • Bugfix: Polygons are now correctly identified and output as line segments instead of arc segments.
      • Bugfix: 'Restore Defaults' button on parameters dialog was not metric aware and filled in incorrect values, now fixed.
      • G-code lines have been shortened to be more GRBL friendly.
    Version 1.3a

      • Bugfix: concave arcs on the edge of rectangle were not cut in the correct direction, causing scalloped edges.
      • Pocket zigzags now use fuzzy stepover. A new stepover is calculated from the given stepover such that the zigzag always starts and ends at the given offset from the edges. This prevents leaving large gaps at the end of the zigzag which might break a tool in hard materials. Note that complicated shapes can still leave oversize (larger than stepover) nubs that will be removed by the final outline pass. To mitigate this effect, use small stepovers in hard materials.
      • Pocket zigzag offset (the gap between the edge of the face and the edges of the zigzag) is now related to stepover instead of being a fixed 10%. This means that for large stepovers the cut takes less time, and for small stepovers the final outline cut is <=50% of the stepover value. Read here for details
      • Pocket tool now uses the same offset routine as the inside and outside cut tools making it much less prone to folded corners and other artifacts.
      • G-code Joiner will not output any comments if Use Comments is false. However, it will not remove comments already in the files being joined.
      • G-code Joiner now has an icon on the toolbar.
      • New 'Quick Tools' toolbar that allows you to quickly toggle the status of the 'Use Comments' and 'Comment Style' options. Using these will NOT affect the default settings set via the Tools|Phlatboyz|Options|Machine Options menu. Activate this toolbar by ticking the View|Toolbars|SketchUcam Quick Tools item. NOTE that these icons have no visible effect until you output Gcode, though you will see the current status of the setting when you hover over the icon (except in SK7).
      • Bug fixes that prevented Gcode generation in Sketchup v7.
      • All Gcodes and axis letters are uppercased in accordance with the RS-274-D standard.
      • Tools|Phlatboyz|Options|Feature Options 'Force all Gcodes on for Marlin' will force the output of a Gcode on every line instead of the normal optimized output.
    Version 1.4 (Nov 2015)

      • Bug fixes

      • Fix for Phlatten tool.
      • Fold/centerline/pocket tool depth in VCB. The depth can now be set to floating point number, eg 10.6% or 34.15% etc.
      • Inputbox error checking.
      • Joiner tool - bug in long filenames.

      • Added features

      • Make the path to the gplot program a string in options so it is preserved between versions.
      • Multiselect pockets
      • Large plunge holes with sticky size
      • Holes in a grid
      • CounterSink/CounterBore tool
      • Simple ABC axis commands
      • Toolchange
      • Rapid approach for Z plunge
    Version 1.4a (June 2016)
    Bug fixes

      • Many additions to help.
    New Features

      • Centerline cuts: prevent retract when possible
      • Fast approach: Approach the surface using G00 to within 0.5mm, then switch to G01 to begin cutting.
      • Very small arcs converted to lines. Arc segments with radius <= 0.010" can cause problems with some simulators and controllers. Convert them to line segments.
      • Chamfer wizard: Tool to set cutter diameter and depth for a chamfer cut
      • Gcode Joiner: adds default extension if not user supplied
      • Number formatting: remove trailing 0's in plunge holes to shorten lines for GRBL
      • Plunge holes: streamlined G00 moves when 'use reduced safe height' is true
      • Laser cutter/engraver control: Tick the Laser Control box on the parameters dialog and G-code will be output suitable for laser cutting on a machine that uses spindle commands to control the laser.
      • Large file load speed: Much faster now...
    Version 1.4b (Aug 2016)

      • TABs in laser cut mode
    Tabs and Vtabs fixed for laser cutting.
    Do not use V-tabs, only half of a V-tab will be cut.
    Set tab depth to 0% 'to be removed' if you want the laser OFF during the tab cut.

      • Fix for compatibility menu
    The order of multipass options was incorrect, preventing depth setting.

      • Streamlined Countersinks and Counterbores
    They now avoid recutting the hole that has already been cut if it is larger than 2xBitdiam.
    Feed speeds adjusted.

      • Feedrates
    Sometimes a required feedrate was not output because of using the wrong comparison method. Now using notequal() to compare to 0.0001".
    Initial plungefeed rate will be output on the G90... header line so that there is always a defined feedrate.

      • Toolchange
    Help updated with improved examples.

      • Centerlines
    Fix for 'backtacking' when centerlines are sometimes cut forward and sometimes backward within one curve.
    Version 1.4c (Jan 2017)

      • Help updates
        • added 3D section
      • arcmoveij() now always used for arc outputs
        • this improves arc accuracy and keeps Marlin happy
      • Old files with arcs that have no center property will be rejected, they have to be recoded
        • Early versions did not store the arc centers and they are needed for arcmoveij()
      • Errant G0 move with no code removed from plungebore in Marlin mode.
        • a bug prevented the correct output of a G0 move
      • Marlin mode streamlined
        • some changes to make Marlin code cleaner
      • Solve failure to find profile path on Mac due to iOS changing version string
        • The code was checking the iOS version to figure out where the files are, but that changed so it failed to find the files.
      • Update translation file {- still need to add a lot of strings though
        • The translation file is woefully out of date, but now has some new strings.
      • Pocketing - new method for complicated faces
        • Pocketing complicated shapes just got a whole lot easier!
      • laser mode holes
        • GRBL 1.1 in laser mode will not make a simple spot without motion, so we now draw a small circle.
        • for large holes > bit_diameter, always draw a circle of the given diameter
        • Change options at Hole Feature Options
    Version 1.4d (Jan 2017)

      • Help updates
        • added MAC help section
      • arcmoveij() is INCREMENTAL mode.
        • the 'incremental' form of IJ is used so make sure you set your controller to incremental mode by issuing G91.1
        • Setting or un-setting this does not change the actual Gcode, arcs are ALWAYS incremental mode, this setting just tells the controller what to expect.
        • you can add this code to the G-code via the Options menu
        • an option to output G91.1 as part of the Gcode header has been added to the Feature Options menu.
        • GPLOT will NOT like this option and will not display the plot. You should rather set your controller to default to this mode.
      • Solve failure to find profile path on Mac (for real this time)
        • Sketchup on MAC still has the old .openpanel bug that prevents the use of wildcards. Mac platform is now detected and wildcards avoided.
        • Note that the file select dialog allows selection of a folder, but the profiles folder will always be used no matter what you select.
    RTFM for details!
    After installing this upgrade please restart Sketchup.
    You do not need to uninstall previous versions if they are v1.1 or greater.

    Report Bugs

    Download SketchUp (free) here

    David the Swarfer - Has put together some great video tutorials on how to use SketchUcam!
    Video Tutorials on How to use SketchUcam

    VIEW MORE - Video Tutorials on How to use SketchUcam

    SketchUcam is open source and is released under the GNU General Public License

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