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SketchuCam to Marlin gcode postprocessor 1.1 (no longer needed) 2016-08-21

converts SketchUcam gcode to a format that the Marlin firmware can use (with updated macro)

  1. Bob K
    This is no longer needed.
    • "Force all Gcodes on for Marlin" option set to TRUE takes care of most of the issues.
    • Marlin as of RC8 now supports G02 & G03 commands that use the R format.

    This is an Excel file that contains a macro that converts gcode created by SketchUcam to a format that can be used by Marlin

    This file has a bug fix in it and a more logical set of feed rate defaults.

    Instruction are included in the file.

    This macro does not handle G02/G03 commands with a negative radius.

    Marlin doesn't like:
    • more than one command on a line
    • G02 & G03 commands that use the R format
    • command lines without a command on them
    The "command lines without a command on them" is only needed if the "Force all Gcodes on for Marlin" option is left at it's default of FALSE.

    There is an option to specify the non-milling travel (and milling travel) rates. This can speed up the overall job. The milling speeds specified in the SketchUcam gcode file will be used if this option isn't used.

    Please bring any bugs to my attention so I can fix them quickly.

    Feature enhancement/addition requests are welcome.


    I have a newer macro that supports negative radius.

    It's not a generally used option and I'd like more time to see if any bugs surface so I'll sit on it unless there's a request for it.
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