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Ridgid trimmer R2400, Adapter sleeve to Openbuilds Spindle Mount 2017-09-24

A simple adaptor sleeve 57 mm I.D.to 68 mm with a brim on top

  1. Jason Harding
    an adaptor for the Ridgid R2400 Laminate trimmer

    A simple adaptor sleeve 57 mm I.D.to 68 mm with a brim on top

    Here is a screen cap of the sleeve. Simple but just rock solid I printed it in PLA with .3 layer height, 70% infill. Gives just enough flex to really grab the router body. _Ridgid Router Spindle adapter v1.d59bd2ad-b8c6-4fe9-a1cc-2fc2b4e96614.png
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