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Quick and Easy XYZ Probe 2019-05-12

XYZ probe from PCB material

  1. Alex Chambers
    I needed an XYZ probe for my experiments on creating pauses in an nc file to allow toolchanges to work.
    I haven't got around to milling aluminium yet (mainly because I haven't got any suitable aluminium) so I made mine with a piece of double-sided PCB and some square brass tube - pictures attached. I used my workbee to cut out the PCB so that I knew it was square and soldered the brass tube to the underside of the PCB. Then I connected the brass tube to the top surface of the PCB with a short wire link and soldered on the lead going to the Z limit switch (the Ooznest macro uses this to detect probe contact.)
    It's important that the brass tube is proud of the PCB so I soldered it flush with the edge of the PCB and then milled 0.5 mm off the edge of the PCB. Then a micrometer to check offsets so that I could adjust the macro and a crocodile clip on the other probe lead.

    Quicker, Easier XYZ Probe
    Instead of soldering square brass tube on the underside of double sided PCB - solder Brass ANGLE to the top surface. The PCB only needs to be single sided. I still used double sided because its stiffer and flatter.
    PS the download is only one of the pics. If anyone wants a file for cutting the pcb post in discussion saying what format you want and I'll see what I can do.


    1. XYZ 1.JPG
    2. XYZ 2.JPG
    3. Probe1.jpg
    4. Probe2.jpg
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