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Plywood Clamp 2017-06-30

1/2in plywood clamp with threaded insert

  1. Hisha
    Bit Size:
    1/4in 2 flute End Mill
    Feeds & Speeds:
    Default makercam so 60ipm feed, 30ipm plunge
    Material Used:
    1/2in x 2ft x 2ft Birch Plywood
    Just a quick clamp that has an overall dimensions of 40mm x 130mm. It uses a threaded insert for the pivot point and 1/4-20 hardware. The resource has Freecad, dxf, stl, step, gcode and svg files. Also included is a parts list in a spreadsheet that has links to Amazon for the threaded inserts and Google info of the 1/4-20 hardware that I picked up from Lowes. I was able to cut 40 from one sheet of 1/2in x 2ft x 2ft Birch Plywood.

    20170630_173401.jpg 20170630_195727.jpg 20170630_195737.jpg