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OpenBuilds Screw Sizing Chart V2

Convenient Screw Sizing Chart For OpenBuilds Low Profile Screws

  1. OpenBuilds
    Hey everyone, here is a screw sizing chart for all of your builds!
    Download the file and have access to a convenient size chart to use when building with OpenBuilds Low Profile Screws!

    Its super handy to have when building!

    I keep mine taped to the top of my screw organizer.
    (suggestion: laminate to keep it clean)


    It's really nice when you have a pile of screws from a disassembly and need to quickly put them away.

    20240209_132621.jpg 20240209_132554.jpg

    Download the Screw Sizing Chart PDF
    Screw Size Chart.jpg

    Print at 100%
    Screenshot 2024-02-08 135610 1.png
    Hope it helps
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  1. Updated V2

Recent Reviews

  1. Alain JBT
    Alain JBT
    Version: V2
    Very useful
    Thks a lot
  2. Daunesse
    Version: V2
    Merci c’est super pratique.
    Plus besoin de sortir le réglet pour mesurer la taille des vise.
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