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OpenBuilds Parts - Onshape Cloud CAD 2018-09-19

openbuilds onshape cloud cad

  1. Kabir
    Onshape CAD - OpenBuilds Parts and Assemblies Library


    Link: Onshape

    Online library of parts and assemblies to use in your projects on Onshape, CAD platform in the cloud.

    The parts and assemblies are separated by folders.


    You can copy the Onshape file to your home folder and use the library.


    You can import the parts into another file, as pictured above.
    1 - Assembly
    2 - Insert a new part
    3 - Other Document
    4 - OpenBuilds Parts
    5 - Part or Assembly instance
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Recent Reviews

  1. ihu
    Version: 2018-09-19
    Signup doesn't work at all. Can't even receive an email after inputed lots of fields. Maybe I am worthless to that site, but the terrible experience gives me a really bad first impression of their product. I am sure I can live with other solutions.
  2. FBELL
    Version: 2018-09-19
    Meu amigo sou novo aqui, agora vi como visualizar todas as peças. Pse me explique como fazer o download para abrir no Fusion. Obrigado
    1. Kabir
      Author's Response
  3. Koomoa
    Version: 2018-09-19
    You have to create an account to download the files, I have to wait for a Onshape company rep to call me before I can get an account.
    1. Kabir
      Author's Response
      You can create a new free account, No need to wait for Onshape call. You need to go to the Onshape.com website and create a new account. No need to wait.
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