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OpenBuilds Parts - Onshape Cloud CAD 2018-09-19

openbuilds onshape cloud cad

  1. Kabir
    Onshape CAD - OpenBuilds Parts and Assemblies Library


    Link: Onshape

    Online library of parts and assemblies to use in your projects on Onshape, CAD platform in the cloud.

    The parts and assemblies are separated by folders.


    You can copy the Onshape file to your home folder and use the library.


    You can import the parts into another file, as pictured above.
    1 - Assembly
    2 - Insert a new part
    3 - Other Document
    4 - OpenBuilds Parts
    5 - Part or Assembly instance
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Recent Reviews

  1. Garrett Gomes
    Garrett Gomes
    Version: 2018-09-19
    Really simple integration into Onshape, super easy to insert parts into assemblies. Easy to modify. Bolts/nuts have already had threads removed so performance is not negatively impacted.
  2. e7c
    Version: 2018-09-19
    Thanks for putting this in onshape.
    It makes it especially easy if you want to just grab a dimension you can do it quickly in the browser without needing to download all the files and load them in something to see the distance between two holes.

    For everyone having trouble signing up you need to create an account on the "free plan" not a trial of the professional plan. https://www.onshape.com/products/free

    But you don't need to sign up to view or measure parts, just click the tabs on the bottom.
  3. Benjamin Hogervorst
    Benjamin Hogervorst
    Version: 2018-09-19
    I'm sure the Onshape site is great, but I wouldn't know because in order to get the CAD files for parts I PAID FOR, I now have to wait for a 'professional' to approve my trial account. This is ridiculous, nobody should have to do this if they've already purchased the parts. Not satisfied.
  4. kpgrafix
    Version: 2018-09-19
    nobody wants to sign up for yet another site just to get some proper dimensions to products
  5. davidstosik
    Version: 2018-09-19
    I can't create a free account on the Onshape website. Step 2 requires me to input contact details and to wait for an Onshape representative to contact me.
  6. DuckWorks
    Version: 2018-09-19
    Logging in was a pain, many attempts. I was able to take some measurements from OnShape, but Openbuilds has revised there v/cBeams to have less AL in the interior geometry or the OnShape files are inaccurate. Outside geometry is more accurate.
    Version: 2018-09-19
    Handy resource for designs in Onshape. Sorted into folders with parts and assemblies.
  8. ihu
    Version: 2018-09-19
    Signup doesn't work at all. Can't even receive an email after inputed lots of fields. Maybe I am worthless to that site, but the terrible experience gives me a really bad first impression of their product. I am sure I can live with other solutions.
  9. FBELL
    Version: 2018-09-19
    Meu amigo sou novo aqui, agora vi como visualizar todas as peças. Pse me explique como fazer o download para abrir no Fusion. Obrigado
    1. Kabir
      Author's Response
  10. Koomoa
    Version: 2018-09-19
    You have to create an account to download the files, I have to wait for a Onshape company rep to call me before I can get an account.
    1. Kabir
      Author's Response
      You can create a new free account, No need to wait for Onshape call. You need to go to the Onshape.com website and create a new account. No need to wait.
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