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Openbuild parts for fusion 360 0.1

Openbuild parts for fusion 360

  1. tom1687
    I will upload more parts when i drawn more
    everything is drawn in Fusion 360 and saved in parts

    now i have:
    C-beam 100mm
    V-wheel solid
    Mini Eccentric Spacer 6mm
    V-Slot Gantry Plate 20mm


    1. V wheel.png
    2. V wheel solid.png
    3. Mini Eccentric Spacer 6mm.png
    4. C -beam linear rail.png
    5. V-Slot Gantry Plate 20mm.png
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  1. updates more drawings

Recent Reviews

  1. Dave Pinchbeck
    Dave Pinchbeck
    Version: 0.1
    great files, I still cant figure out why when Fusion360 is a supported software, people post stuff in solidworks formats
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