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myOX Y gantry plate bent plexiglass dust shield v1b000

This is a plexiglass shield to house the controller board and protect it and stepper from dust/chips

  1. Serge E.
    [update 2015-02-20]

    Shields up ! Here is the almost complete SketchUp (Make) + SketchUcam file set for cutting the plexiglass shield which will wrap about the Y gantry plates made by Chris Laidlaw (at least version used by myOX). This is the 'near' (right) side, one with controller.

    The ressource file has both SU8 and SU2015 of the below pictured design. A few corrections and some tweaking done, as well as adding the support piece for the controller.

    Note : the fan 'grill' was changed to the Open Hardware symbol a version or two ago.


    I have done some unorthodox tweaks - I rarely stay on the beaten path of others. For example, I use 'pockets' to do the folds instead modifying the design for 'folds' to work as expected. I also edited generated paths (ex: I removed some segments which where not right, some which where extra, ...)

    The myOX logo is now figured out. I had to do an inset, tweak it so paths were ok, adding and removing segments, then do the SketchUcam 'trace' (follow line).

    G-code generated by SketchUcam turned out great ! Amazing in fact !

    The generation of 3D G-code ... well ... that stunk. Best to leave it to those other programs, MeshCAM probably at top of list.

    I have not yet cut this 'new and improved' SketchUped shield, but thought I should share and, especially, see if any one spots problems. So it remains strictly theory at this point.

    Note myOX already has a set of plain handmade shields crafted on table saw a while back. Took three attempts to get it right. The CNCed version should be much cleaner and, as can be seen here, shareable.

    Note the target material will be 1/4" plexiglass/lexan since bending is the goal to end with a "one piece" shield... Yes, there are three other pieces to make it complete : a bottom piece (just straight cuts), a side/face piece .... this one might have an other fan opening, larger logo and whatnot - it can be cut on the table saw in no time flat, and small piece to carry controller.

    I'll work just one side (for now)... So things like the myOX "logo" benefits from the transparency of the material. It will be 'frosted' in contrast with rest. It is 'mirrored' to be readable from the outside... Once I get to a two sided job 'mastered', it should be engraved on the outside face and filled - coloured plasti-dip? The three round holes are for the 'abort', 'pause/stop' and 'resume' switches. The fourth larger round hole is for the "Emergency Stop" button, although it might be wiser to have it mounted to the table ... I am thinking of having a 2nd one at other end of myOX. The rectangular hole is for a two line display (volts/amps; not certain what I'll plug it too). While the opening for the fan is generous, with a tiny bit of 'style' - I'm no artist and I didn't want to copy/paste from others... I do plan on having a filter mat sandwiched between the fan and this opening so I don't suck in dust/chips (nor the mat hopefully)... The 'slots' are to hold the controller board support (an other piece of handcut plexiglass). Yes I need to 'drill' a few holes for screws as no glue will be used... And obviously, there are the fold lines to make the bending much easier and precise... They need to be as wide as the material is thick and 1/2 as deep to get a nice clean bend w/ the heat gun.

    I'll film the cutting and do blurb on the bending as requested a while back by some (ok, just one or two myOX 'followers'). Since I'll be back at work, it may be next weekend before things show up. However I do want to start regular use of myOX, so I could turn this around sooner than later.


    1. upload_2015-1-21_1-11-9.png
    2. upload_2015-1-21_23-55-35.png
    3. upload_2015-1-22_3-15-54.png

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  1. Mark Carew
    Mark Carew
    Version: v0b001
    Excellent project! Thank you for sharing
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