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Microswitch (3cmX1cmX1.6cm) SVGO Model : SV-166-1C25 2016-03-15

Microswitch (3cmX1cmX1.6cm)

  1. Giarc
    I was bored one night and was trying to figure out the best placement for the micro-switches on my CNC design, so I broke out my calipers and took measurements. Apparently, I wasn't smart enough to just look it up. Specs say 3cm X 1cm X 1.6cm. The Sketch-up model was based on my caliper so is slightly different.

    From the manufacturer (SVGO):
    • Product Name : Micro Switch;Model : SV-166-1C25;Actuator Type : Long Hinge Roller Lever
    • Rating : 3-16A 250VAC;Action Type : Momentary;Contact configuration : SPDT 1NO 1NC
    • Switch Body Size : 3 x 1 x 1.6cm / 1.2 x 0.39 x 0.63"(L*W*H);Fixing Holes Dia. : 0.35cm / 0.14";Roller Size : 5.5 x 4mm/0.22" x 0.16"(L*D)



    1. micro-switch.jpg
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