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Makita RT0701C Dust Shoe 2017-10-07

3D-printed dust shoe for Makita RT0700/RT0701C routers.

  1. Scotty Orr
    Material Used:
    ABS printed (PLA would be fine as well).
    This is a dust shoe for the Makita RT070x series of palm routers. 1.25" vacuum connection. (STL files and OpenSCAD source on thingiverse.)

    Two piece construction using magnets allows quick tool change.
    Redirection of cooling air to prevent blowing on work surface.
    Rubber brush easily replaced for different work depths (or can print extra bottoms for quick swap).
    Designed to be printed without supports.

    To complete, you will need six 6mm x 3mm magnets, two 8mm x 3mm magnets, two 260mm x 30mm+ (10.25 x 2 inch) strips of 1/16 inch rubber (tire inner-tube works well), and one 1" x 2" piece of 0.6mm lexan (or some durable clear plastic from packaging). Optionally, you may need 6-12 #2 sheet metal screws.

    The fit on the Makita spindle is snug, but will require a silicone adhesive, duct tape, or optional "set screws" to secure. DustShoe3.jpg DustShoe4.jpg DustShoeMain.jpg MakDustShoe.jpg (Where appropriate, a clamp around the vacuum hose will hold the upper part of the shoe in place.)
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