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MakerCase 2013-12-14

Laser-Cut Case Design Tool

  1. JonHollander
    MakerCase is a free web-based application for designing laser-cut project cases.

    Just enter the desired case dimensions and material thickness, and the app automatically generates a three-dimensional model of the case that can be freely rotated. You can create cases with plain edges, with interlocking tabs and slots, or with joints for retaining nuts and bolts. You can also add holes and engraved text to the case using a drag and drop editor.

    When the case design is complete, the application flattens the three-dimensional model into blueprint and generates an SVG file that can be sent directly to a laser cutter. For cutting, the application can be configured to compensate for the beam width of the laser and convert any engraved text into vector paths.
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  1. agntx21
    Version: 2013-12-14
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