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MakerCAM 2014-01-05

Online CAM for CNC Router

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Recent Reviews

  1. Anthony Bolgar
    Anthony Bolgar
    Version: 2014-01-05
    Can be run locally using a flash player. Good for simple cam operations. Of course it is free and open source.
  2. link16
    Version: 2014-01-05
    Great tool for the hobbiest (aren't we all). This is a CAM software not a CAD software as Joe's review may suggest. This is a great tool for creating gcode. Play with it, even view the tutorial to get a feel for how to make your first cuts on a CNC
  3. Joe Santarsiero
    Joe Santarsiero
    Version: 2014-01-05
    Waste of time.
    Randomly drawing without snaps or inferences is useless for CNC. You'll achieve better results by free-handing your router. At least it will look organic. Please correct me if I'm wrong or missed something with the software.
  4. MongoMan
    Version: 2014-01-05
    I really like MakerCAM, and its even possible to use MakerCAM offline.
    1. get the stand alone version of adobes flash player
    2. get the makercam.swf file, with linux just type in your terminal
    wget http://www.makercam.com/makercam.swf
    on windows just use a download manager and download the swf file.
    3. Start the stand alone version of adobes flash player and drag and
    drop the swf file into it.
    4. Use it offline.

  5. (deleted member)
    Version: 2014-01-05
    It's on-line i don't trust the cloud. For private work.
    So don't use this as a main tool.
    OK for FREE, good for trying.
    Good for learning.
    Nice resource for the student.

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